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“Upon Rising” 9x12

“Upon Rising” 9x12

“Upon Waking"


Embrace the quiet splendor of the morning with this 9x12 watercolor on paper, depicting the tranquil awakening of the countryside at sunrise. Watercolor medium is evident in the gentle gradation of colors, from the warm, hopeful yellows of the rising sun to the stark silhouettes of trees come to life against the burgeoning light, their branches highlighted by the sun's first kiss. In the distance, the landscape gently rises to meet the dawn, and a peaceful hamlet is hinted at, suggesting the stirring of life as a new day begins. The flight of birds, painted with deft strokes, adds vitality to the scene, symbolizing the start of daily activity. This piece offers more than just a view; it is a celebration of new beginnings and the relentless rhythm of nature, making it an inspiring addition to any collection.

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