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Morning Hues on Highland Waters

Morning Hues on Highland Waters

“Morning Hues on Highland Waters" is a captivating 11x14 watercolor on paper that embodies the tranquil beauty of nature's awakening. I attempted to capture the serene essence of dawn as it unfolds through the mountain valley.

Soft pastel skies, tinged with the gentle pink of the rising sun, reflect onto the still waters of a highland lake, creating a symphony of light and color. Lively strokes of green suggest the fresh foliage along the water's edge, with wildflowers punctuating the scene in joyful yellow. This piece invites the viewer to pause and reflect, offering a window to a peaceful moment where the world is still and full of promise. Perfect for adorning any space, it brings a breath of fresh air and the calming influence of nature's untouched beauty into your home or office.

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