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Summer’s Forgotten Path

Summer’s Forgotten Path

SKU: 0002

“Summer’s Path” is a captivating 12x16 watercolor on 140lb paper that embodies the spirit of summer exploration in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This piece invites viewers to embark on a serene journey through a lush landscape where nature’s beauty unfolds with each step along the winding path.

The rich greenery and dappled sunlight create a tranquil atmosphere, evoking the essence of a peaceful summer day. The path meanders through the forest, beckoning adventurers to explore its hidden wonders and embrace the tranquility of the natural world. The interplay of light and shadow brings the landscape to life, highlighting the vibrant foliage and the depth of the forest.

In the distance, the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains rise, adding a sense of mystery and adventure to the scene. This painting captures the allure of the mountains and the promise of discovery that

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