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Lunar Whispers on a Wintry Shore

Lunar Whispers on a Wintry Shore

Oil on canvas: 12 inches in diameter.

This oil on canvas painting, measuring 12 inches in diameter, offers a hauntingly serene portrayal of a nocturnal landscape under the spell of a muted moon. The circular canvas echoes the celestial body it represents, enhancing the thematic coherence of the piece. I employed a limited palette dominated by deep blues and contrasting whites, creating an atmosphere that is both tranquil and mysterious. Subtle variations in tone and texture suggest a gentle illumination over a wintry shore, where the boundary between land and water is lost in a mist of moonlight and shadow. This work invites contemplation, as it captures the quietude of a night where nature whispers in soft silhouettes against a backdrop of cosmic radiance.

This painting will be available for shipment mid spring, as it requires time to fully dry.

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