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An Dèidh na Stoirme (After the Storm)

An Dèidh na Stoirme (After the Storm)

"An Dèidh na Stoirme" – After the Storm:

This evocative 8x10 acrylic on canvas captures the raw, serene aftermath of a storm along the Scottish coast. The dynamic skies, now parting to reveal the calm, stoic blues and silvers of the ocean's surface. A solitary, weathered tree, stripped by the wind, stands guard over the scene, its resilience a poignant symbol of nature's endurance. The remnants of a wooden fence, battered yet standing, frame the foreground, leading the eye to the distant, peaceful horizon. This piece invites the viewer to reflect on the beauty of nature's contrasts and the quietude that follows upheaval. Perfect for those who seek a touch of Scotland's dramatic coastal landscapes in their space, this painting is a testament to the calm

and renewal found 'after the storm'.

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