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Winter 2023

Winter is a wonderful time for introspection and planning. We long for the warmer days of spring and summer during the colder months, but simply reframing things a bit can produce positive change.

What do you desire most?

What is blocking you from achieving your deepest desires?

I’m transitioning more into working with oils and acrylics. Watercolor will always be my first love, but I’m liking switching things up a bit and offering some variety to my loyal customers.

Stay tuned!

Planning is in the works for spring art classes! Please subscribe to my website by filling out the contact info form at the bottom of the page to stay up to date. I'm currently researching various online teaching platforms for virtual instruction. I'll also be offering small group art workshops here at my studio in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina!


I’m currently following a tutorial for this current piece, it is not my original art. Many thanks to the very talented @artbyfelix (Felix Gonzalez) for such wonderful tutorials.

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