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Week 2: Harnessing Your Unique Creativity

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

“Art isn’t about perfection; it’s the courageous act of baring your soul on canvas, in music, in words.”

Objective: The aim of this module is to explore the concept of individual creativity and personal style. We will discuss how to tap into our unique creative potential and overcome the impulse to compare ourselves with others.


We start by understanding what personal creativity means. Creativity isn’t just about producing art; it’s about finding unique solutions to problems, looking at the world from a different perspective, and expressing oneself in a way that feels authentic and liberating.

Discussion Points:

Individual creativity is about more than just the ability to produce a piece of art or a novel idea. It’s the capacity to see things from a unique perspective, the ability to solve problems in unconventional ways, and the expression of one’s unique self through various mediums. It’s deeply personal and subjective. What may seem creative to one person may not seem the same to another. This aspect of creativity underlines the importance of self-expression and authenticity over validation from external sources.

Tapping into Your Inner Genius: We all have a wellspring of creativity within us. This “inner genius” is not just about raw talent, but also about our unique perspectives, experiences, and the original ways we interpret the world around us. Tapping into it can be done through various techniques like free writing, doodling, meditative practices, or simply spending time in nature. The aim is to silence the noise of the outside world and listen to our inner voice, letting it guide our creative expression.

Beating the Comparison Game: We all compare our stuff with others, especially now with social media showing us everyone else’s wins. But comparing can kill our creativity. Fear of not being as good can stop us from expressing ourselves. To beat this, we need to acknowledge our own growth and remember that everyone’s creative path is different. Celebrate your unique creative work and remember, the only one you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday.

Owning Your Style: Everyone has their own style - it’s like our creative stamp. Your style might come from your experiences, beliefs, or even your personality. Owning your style means being true to this unique stamp and not being scared to show it off. It’s about accepting your creative voice as it is, polishing it, and being proud of it. Remember, your personal style is a journey, not a destination. It will grow and change as you do.

Remember, creativity isn’t a race, it’s a way to express and discover ourselves. The more real you are in expressing yourself, the more you’ll enjoy your creative work.

Activity: Art Project for Self-Expression

Make a piece that shows off your personal style or a concept that speaks to you. This could be a poem, a drawing, a collage, a piece of music, or any form that shows your creative spirit. Remember, the goal isn’t to make a masterpiece, but to authentically express your creativity.


Think about the process of making your piece. How did it feel? Did you learn anything new about your creative style? How did you resist the urge to compare your work to others?


To wrap up, remember that creativity is a very personal journey. Everyone has their own path, and it’s more about discovering and expressing ourselves than it is about competing.

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