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Embracing the Threshold: My Journey into the Liminal Space

“In liminality, the past is momentarily negated, suspended, or abrogated, and the future has not yet begun, an instant of pure potentiality when anything might happen.”

-Victor Turner

The concept of "liminal space" holds a particularly profound resonance for me. Liminality, derived from the Latin word 'limen' meaning 'threshold', represents a period of transition, a state of being betwixt and between. It's a time when the old structures have dissolved, yet the new form has not yet emerged.

This space is both unsettling and rich with potential, a crucible for transformation.

In my own journey, I have recently stepped away from the conventional 9-5 paradigm, a world characterized by routine and predictability.

The decision to leave this structured existence was not taken lightly. It was a leap into the unknown, fueled by an irrepressible desire to pursue my passion for art and a vision for the future that diverged sharply from the path I was on.

The experience of this transition has been akin to walking through a dense fog, where each step reveals only the immediate surroundings, and the destination remains shrouded in mystery. It is a space where the usual markers of identity and success dissolve, where time seems to warp, elongating moments of uncertainty and compressing periods of clarity.

In this liminal space, I have found a newfound freedom in expression through my art.

Amalia Yosefa

Each brushstroke, each hue, each canvas is an exploration of this in-between state, an attempt to capture the essence of transition. The act of creating art in this space is both a reflection of my inner world and a conversation with the unknown.

However, this journey is not without its challenges. The absence of a clear structure and the uncertainty about the future can be disconcerting.

There are days when the freedom feels overwhelming, when the lack of a roadmap breeds anxiety rather than inspiration. On these days, the liminal space feels less like a realm of potential and more like an endless maze.

Yet, it is precisely within this complexity that the beauty of the liminal space lies. It is a reminder that life is not a linear journey but a series of ebbs and flows, of endings and beginnings. In embracing this space, I have learned to value the process over the destination, to find joy in the act of creation without being overly fixated on the outcome.

As I continue to navigate this liminal space, I am learning to trust in the unfolding of my journey.

The future may be uncertain, but it is ripe with possibilities. The liminal space, with all its ambiguity and potential, is not just a phase to pass through but a state to be embraced, a reminder that in the heart of transition lies the seed of transformation.

In the quiet hours last night, amidst a time of significant challenge, my brushes danced with unfamiliar hues, giving life to a canvas that now vividly captures my current passage.

Liminal Space Watercolor

This painting blossoms with bold colors that are not my usual palette; they scream of potential, of rebirth. At its heart lies a bridge, a poignant representation of the liminal space that I find myself in.

This bridge is more than just a structure; it is a metaphor for the threshold between what was and what will be, the in-between of leaving and arriving. The vibrant colors do not just fill space; they declare the birth of something new, embodying the promise that from the uncertainty of transition, life in its most vivid form emerges.


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