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Childlike Wonder

"He still believes in magic," I thought to myself as I observed him gazing up at the night sky, surrounded by a mesmerizing display of fireflies resembling shooting stars.

I made an unspoken vow to myself, placing the highest priority on nurturing and safeguarding his childlike wonder and awe.

"Mommy, I'm pretending I'm in outer space, living on the moon! Have you ever wondered what space sounds like?"

Suppressing the urge to grab my phone and capture this precious moment, I respond,

"No, sweetheart, I'm not familiar with the sounds of space."

In the distance, a solitary cricket chirps, drawing my attention back to the present moment—an opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace this enchanting experience with him.

A gentle evening breeze wafts through the trees, while the moon's soft glow illuminates the blossoming rhododendrons.

It felt as though the universe had orchestrated this moment solely for our delight.

And so, we surrendered ourselves to it completely.

Art: Fireflies Watercolor on Paper.

This was one of my first watercolor creations. It seemed fitting :)

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