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The Art of Flow: Conquering Creative Blocks in your Art Practice




8 week Mini-Course


About the Course

Course Title: Overcoming Creative Blocks: A Journey to Unleash Your Inner Artist

Course Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Description:

Unearth your inherent creativity and overcome any creative hurdles with this comprehensive 8-week course, "Overcoming Creative Blocks: A Journey to Unleash Your Inner Artist." This immersive and interactive program is designed to help individuals understand the common causes of creative blocks and develop strategies to surmount them. It provides a combination of theoretical learning, personal exploration, and hands-on projects to stimulate your creativity and broaden your artistic horizons.

Week 1: Understanding Creative Blocks

In the first week, you'll learn about the common causes and symptoms of creative blocks. The factors such as fear of failure, perfectionism, burnout, lack of inspiration, emotional distress, high expectations, loss of motivation, and physical health issues. You will start a creativity journal to document feelings, thoughts, ideas, and inspirations.

Week 2: Exploring Personal Creativity

Week two focuses on individual creativity and personal style. You'll understand the importance of recognizing and nurturing your unique genius instead of comparing yourself with others. Your hands-on project for the week will be creating a self-portrait that expresses your individuality and personal style.

Week 3: Art Experiments with Different Mediums

In this week, we'll explore the stimulation of creativity using different art mediums. The project involves creating a mixed-media collage, providing an opportunity for you to experiment and get creative with different materials.

Week 4: Mindfulness and Art

We'll delve into the concept of mindfulness, discussing its benefits for creativity. The hands-on project encourages mindful drawing/painting, focusing on the process rather than the outcome to enhance your creative experience.

Week 5: Embracing Playfulness and Making Mistakes

Week five explores the concept of playfulness in art and how making mistakes can fuel creativity. The abstract expressionist painting project emphasizes the joy of creating and experimenting, allowing room for mistakes as a part of the creative process.

Week 6: Conquering the Fear of the Blank Canvas

This week provides strategies to overcome the intimidation of starting a new project. We will engage in a speed painting/drawing exercise designed to encourage swift decision-making and lessen the fear associated with the blank canvas.

Week 7: Creative Problem-Solving

The focus for week seven is on creative problem-solving and brainstorming strategies. You'll work on designing an artwork using limited materials, fostering problem-solving skills in a creative context.

Week 8: Reflection and Future Application

In the final week, we'll reflect on the progress made over the course and discuss sustaining creativity. The last hands-on project involves creating a final piece that encapsulates your journey through the course, showcasing the strategies learned to overcome creative blocks.

By the end of this course, you will have built a robust toolkit of strategies to overcome creative blocks and maintain your creative momentum. The course is suitable for individuals at all stages of their creative journey, from beginners to seasoned artists. Embrace your inner artist and embark on a transformative journey towards unfettered creativity.

Your Instructor

Amalia Yosefa

Amalia Yosefa- Artist, Instructor and creative release facilitator. Amalia draws her inspiration from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Her work captures the harmonious blend of colors and sounds experienced through synesthesia, creating an immersive artistic journey, where passion and creativity converge.

Amalia Yosefa
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